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Crystal Reports 2011 Level 1

Course number: CRYS-CGI001

Course Objective:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • identify the elements of the Crystal Reports interface.
  • create and modify a basic report.
  • use formulas to calculate and filter data.
  • build a parameterized report.
  • group report data.
  • enhance a report.
  • create a report using data from an Excel workbook.
  • distribute data.

You will connect to a database to extract data and present it as a report.

Target Student

This course is designed for people who need output from a database. In some cases, database programs have limited reporting tools, or such tools may not be accessible. Students may or may not have programming or SQL experience.

Course Outline
Lesson 1: Exploring the SAP Crystal Reports 2011 Interface
  • Topic 1A: Explore Crystal Reports
  • Topic 1B: Use Crystal Reports Help
  • Topic 1C: Customize the Report Settings
Lesson 2: Working with Reports
  • Topic 2A: Create a Report
  • Topic 2B: Modify a Report
  • Topic 2C: Display Specific Report Data
  • Topic 2D: Work with Report Sections
Lesson 3: Using Formulas in Reports
  • Topic 3A: Create a Formula
  • Topic 3B: Edit a Formula
  • Topic 3C: Filter Data Using a Formula
  • Topic 3D: Work with Advanced Formulas and Functions
  • Topic 3E: Handle Null Values
Lesson 4: Building Parameterized Reports
  • Topic 4A: Create a Parameter Field
  • Topic 4B: Use a Range Parameter in a Report
  • Topic 4C: Create a Prompt
Lesson 5: Grouping Report Data
  • Topic 5A: Group Report Data
  • Topic 5B: Modify a Group Report
  • Topic 5C: Group Using Parameters
  • Topic 5D: Create a Parameterized Top N Report
Lesson 6: Enhancing a Report
  • Topic 6A: Format a Report
  • Topic 6B: Insert Objects in a Report
  • Topic 6C: Suppress Report Sections
  • Topic 6D: Use Report Templates
Lesson 7: Creating a Report from Excel Data
  • Topic 7A: Create a Report Based on Excel Data
  • Topic 7B: Modify a Report Generated from Excel Data
  • Topic 7C: Update Data in a Report Based on Excel Data
Lesson 8: Distributing Data
  • Topic 8A: Export Data
  • Topic 8B: Create Mailing Labels

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