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Introduction to Google Analytics Training

Course number: GOOG-CGI001

This course introduces the student to web analysis using Google Analytics.
Performance-Based Objectives

  • Fundamentals of web metrics and web analytics
  • Understand what web analytics can do for your business
  • How Google Analytics works
  • Key features and capabilities of Google Analytics
  • How to set up accounts, web properties, and profiles in Google Analytics
  • How to activate Google Analytics tracking
  • How to navigate the reporting interface
  • How to use and customize the dashboard
  • How to export data from reports
  • Various methods to slice and dice your data
  • Analyzing and interpreting default reports
  • Best Practices for Setting Filters in Google Analytics
  • How to Apply Filters in Google Analytics
  • How to Incorporate Goals in Google Analytics
  • How to Interpret Reports for Analyzing Goals
  • How to Create Funnels in Google Analytics
  • How to Interpret the Funnel Virtualization Report
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Overview and Background of Web Analytics
  • Topic 1A: Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Topic 1B: Why Learn Web Analytics: Analytics vs. Reporting
  • Topic 1C: Fundamentals of Web Analytics
Lesson 2: Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Topic 2A: Basics of Google Analytics
  • Topic 2B: Getting Started with Google Analytics
  • Topic 2C: Google Analytics Code Snippets
  • Topic 2D: Access Management
Lesson 3: Reports in Google Analytics
  • Topic 3A: Introduction to Reports in Google Analytics
  • Topic 3B: Understanding the Report Layout
  • Topic 3C: Exporting Your Data from Google Analytics
  • Topic 3D: Digging Into Reports
  • Topic 3E: Audience Reports Demystified
  • Topic 3F: Traffic Sources Report Demystified
  • Topic 3G: Reports
Lesson 4: Understanding Filters in Google Analytics
  • Topic 4A: Introduction to Filters
  • Topic 4B: Overview of Different Types of Filters
Lesson 5: Goals in Google Analytics
  • Topic 5A: Introduction to Goals
  • Topic 5B: Configuring Goals
  • Topic 5C: Analyzing Goals Using Standard Reports
Lesson 6: Funnels in Google Analytics
  • Topic 6A: Introduction to Funnels
  • Topic 6B: Building a funnel in Google Analytics
  • Topic 6C: Funnel Visualization Report
Lesson 7: Integrating Google AdWords with Google Analytics
  • Topic 7A: Tracking Online Marketing Campaigns through Google Analytics

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