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Program Management Professional (PgMP)®

Course number: PGMP-CGI001

Course Objective:
You will apply the generally recognized practices of program management acknowledged by the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • describe program management concepts, roles, and the external factors that affect it.
  • examine the program management life cycle phases and benefits management.
  • identify program management processes.
  • describe the program integration management knowledge area.
  • describe program scope management.
  • describe the time management knowledge area.
  • describe the tools and techniques used in managing program cost.
  • describe the tools and techniques used in managing program quality.
  • describe the tools and techniques used in human resource management.
  • describe the communication management knowledge area.
  • describe the risk management processes of a program.
  • describe the procurement management knowledge area.
  • describe the program financial management process.
  • describe the process of program stakeholder management.
  • describe program governance management.

Target Student:
This course is designed for experienced program management professionals interested in formal program management training, professionals working toward the Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI®) Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification, or completing Professional Development Units for PgMP renewal. The Standard for Program Management is the Second Edition (2008 Update) and in preparation for the revised exam content based on RDS (Role Delineation Structure) that comes into effect from January 2012.


To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following Element K course or have equivalent knowledge:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification: Fourth Edition (2009 Update)

You should also have at least four years of experience in the area of project management and as much in program management and be familiar with general project and program management terms and concepts.

Course Outline
Lesson 1: Describing the Fundamentals of Program Management
  • Topic 1A: Introduction to Program Management
  • Topic 1B: Identify Program Management Roles
  • Topic 1C: Identify Factors Impacting a Program
Lesson 2: Examining Program Life Cycle and Benefits Management
  • Topic 2A: Introduction to the Program Life Cycle
  • Topic 2B: Phase 1—Pre-program Preparations
  • Topic 2C: Phase 2—Program Initiation
  • Topic 2D: Phase 3—Program Setup
  • Topic 2E: Phase 4—Delivery of Program Benefits
  • Topic 2F: Phase 5—Program Closure
  • Topic 2G: Describe Program Benefits Management
Lesson 3: Identifying Program Management Processes
  • Topic 3A: Describe the Components of the Program Management Process
  • Topic 3B: Describe Program Management Process Groups
Lesson 4: Managing Program Integration
  • Topic 4A: Introduction to Program Integration Management
  • Topic 4B: Describe the Program Initiation Process
  • Topic 4C: Develop a Program Management Plan
  • Topic 4D: Develop the Program Infrastructure
  • Topic 4E: Direct and Manage Program Execution
  • Topic 4F: Manage Program Resources
  • Topic 4G: Monitor and Control Program Performance
  • Topic 4H: Manage Program Issues
  • Topic 4I: Close a Program
Lesson 5: Managing Program Scope
  • Topic 5A: Plan Program Scope
  • Topic 5B: Describe Program Goals and Objectives
  • Topic 5C: Develop Program Requirements
  • Topic 5D: Develop Program Architecture
  • Topic 5E: Develop Program Work Breakdown Structure
  • Topic 5F: Manage Program Architecture
  • Topic 5G: Manage Component Interfaces
  • Topic 5H: Monitor and Control Program Scope
Lesson 6: Managing Program Time
  • Topic 6A: Develop Program Schedule
  • Topic 6B: Monitor and Control Program Schedule
Lesson 7: Program Cost Management
  • Topic 7A: Describe the Tools and Techniques for Cost Estimation
  • Topic 7B: Describe the Tools and Techniques for Cost Budgeting
  • Topic 7C: Describe the Tools and Techniques for Cost Control
Lesson 8: Program Quality Management
  • Topic 8A: Describe the Tools and Techniques to Plan Program Quality
  • Topic 8B: Describe the Tools and Techniques to Perform Quality Assurance
  • Topic 8C: Describe the Tools and Techniques to Control Program Quality
Lesson 9: Program Human Resources Management
  • Topic 9A: Examine Organizational Theories
  • Topic 9B: Identify Team Development Techniques
  • Topic 9C: Identify the Interpersonal Skills Required for Program and Project Managers
Lesson 10: Managing Program Communication
  • Topic 10A: Plan for Communication
  • Topic 10B: Distribute Information
  • Topic 10C: Report on Program Performance
Lesson 11: Describing Program Risk Management
  • Topic 11A: Plan Program Risk Management
  • Topic 11B: Identify Program Risks
  • Topic 11C: Analyze Program Risks
  • Topic 11D: Plan Program Risk Responses
  • Topic 11E: Monitor and Control Program Risks
Lesson 12: Managing Program Procurement
  • Topic 12A: Plan Program Procurement
  • Topic 12B: Conduct Program Procurement
  • Topic 12C: Administer Program Procurement
  • Topic 12D: Close Program Procurement
Lesson 13: Describing Program Financial Management
  • Topic 13A: Establish the Program Financial Framework
  • Topic 13B: Develop a Program Financial Plan
  • Topic 13C: Estimate Program Costs
  • Topic 13D: Budget Program Costs
  • Topic 13E: Monitor and Control Program Financials
Lesson 14: Managing Program Stakeholders
  • Topic 14A: Plan Program Stakeholder Management
  • Topic 14B: Identify Program Stakeholders
  • Topic 14C: Engage Program Stakeholders
  • Topic 14D: Manage Program Stakeholder Expectations
Lesson 15: Describing Program Governance Management
  • Topic 15A: Plan and Establish Program Governance Structure
  • Topic 15B: Plan for Audits
  • Topic 15C: Plan Program Quality
  • Topic 15D: Approve Component Initiation
  • Topic 15E: Provide Governance Oversight
  • Topic 15F: Manage Program Benefits
  • Topic 15G: Monitor and Control Program Changes
  • Topic 15H: Approve Component Transition

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