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Quality Assurance with QTP

Course number: QAQTP-CGI001

The proper testing of software can save an organization time, effort and money. In this course, software professionals and managers gain thorough knowledge of testing approaches that can be integrated into the software life cycle. Through hands-on exercises, you learn how to build testing methods into your work process to correctly design products that are functionable and maintainable.

In this course, you apply software testing methods throughout the development life cycle, ensuring software functions properly and are more easily maintainable-thereby saving your organization time, effort and money.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Apply general software testing principles and fundamental test processes
  • Implement test levels and types to various software development models
  • Conduct static techniques using proper roles, responsibilities and tools
  • Perform specification- and structure-based test design techniques
  • Manage tests including planning, estimating, monitoring and controlling
Who Should Attend

Software testers, programmers, test leaders and quality specialists, involved with developing, testing or improving the development of systems and have a familiarity with software development concepts.

Available Formats

Live Online